Our bread is a return to the “old-world ways” of baking: patiently made by hand using simple ingredients, natural leavening & long fermentation for intensified flavors & keeping qualities.

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       Multi-grain sliced        or UNSLICED

Though we don't like to pick favorites, our Multi-Grain is certainly a crowd pleaser. Sunflower seeds, sesame & flax offer a little crunch and nuttiness to the delicious flavors created by our custom blend of flours.

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sourdougH BATARD


    sourdougH SLICED       OR UNSLICED

We like to take our time with bread, using slow fermentation to build character & large crumb texture. Great for sandwiches, toast or a snack, our Sourdough is a lovely complement to any meal. Baked in small batches every day.

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Our Sesame Semolina is a welcome addition to the kitchen. Handcrafted in small batches with slow fermentation, this bread has a wonderful crunchy outside & soft inside.


Patiently made with olive oil & time, our slow fermentation creates large crumb texture & unmistakable flavor in this classic Italian white bread.

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Raisin Walnut

Bursting with pecans, walnuts and two types of raisins. Makes an amazing French toast!

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We make our fluffy yeasted Challah bread with a healthy dose of butter, local Yuppie Hill eggs, and a dash of sugar. Finely crafted into an artful braid and baked until beautiful.

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We make this classic French bread with a blend of two flours & the right balance of water, salt & yeast. The crunchy exterior & fluffy crumb make this a great addition to any picnic or shared meal. Baked fresh daily.

Sandwich BUN

Our yeasted bun makes a great burger even better with its soft, fluffy texture inside. The touch of sweetness is balanced by nutty toasted sesame seeds.